young goal keeper in all red kit leaps into the air with arm outstretched to intercept the ball

Carlos from Spain completed two academic years with us at IHM when he was in his teens. During this time it soon became apparent that he was quite an exceptional goal keeper. Director of Football, Mick Brennan, managed to have him seen by a prominent Premier League club scout. This led to Carlos training extensively with the this club’s youth academy, playing fixtures as the club assessed his future potential. After a period of 3 months they referred Carlos to a Championship club who were keen to evaluate him with a view to signing him. Carlos and his father decided against this and he returned to Spain to continue his education there.

So when Carlos dropped me an email yesterday to ask for a confirmation of study letter I was really pleased and keen to learn what he had gone on to do. Exciting to learn that since January this year Carlos has been studying Business Administration at Newberry College, South Carolina, USA and has got a college soccer scholarship. It sounds like he’s having a wonderful time playing top level football in a wonderful climate as he works his way through college there.

Carlos will be letting us know how he gets on, we can’t wait to see how far he takes his football.

A confident young goal keeper with the ball at his feet dressed in red kit