During February and throughout the season, Sean has worked hard on improving his game. He’s shown significant progress recently. Sean always comes to training sessions with a positive attitude, eager to participate, contribute, and support his teammates of all ages.

On the field, Sean has improved tactically, especially as a full back. He now knows when to provide support to his center halves when the team doesn’t have possession of the ball. His first touch, ball control, and game awareness have all improved noticeably. He’s also quick to find ways to help his team when they have possession.

Overall, 2024 has started well for Sean, and the academy expects him to continue improving.

Lead coach Brandon Said commented, “Sean has made significant progress in the past few months. He appears much more confident in his full back role, and his eagerness to learn has made a big impact. His confidence has grown from his on-field improvement, and we all see the strides he’s making. It’s been a good few months, and hopefully, he’ll keep it up.”

“Sean is well-liked among the team at Ellesmere. The camaraderie off the pitch has also helped him. He’s always ready to assist others, which shows how comfortable he’s become in the academy environment.”

If you’re interested in joining Sean and the other members of the Ellesmere academy team for 2024, contact us now to discuss enrolment for September.