At IHM Football Academy at Ellesmere College and in Manchester, we help players progress in their game and consider opportunities like US scholarships. “Soccer Assist” partners with us, offering talks and services for players interested in studying and playing in the US. Several players have successfully pursued this path in past seasons.

This season, “Soccer Assist” has already visited Manchester and will soon be at Ellesmere College. One senior player, Sacha Connesson from Paris, France, has actively pursued US trials and university applications after attending presentations over the past few years.

Sacha joined Ellesmere in September 2021, studying GCSEs and playing daily. He’s dedicated and enthusiastic, demonstrated by his consistent effort and eagerness for improvement. Sacha extended his stay to complete his IB in May. His ultimate goal is to secure a football scholarship in the US.

Driven and proactive, Sacha researched the US college system and applied to 10 universities. He recently attended trials in the US, including at Denver University, experiencing the high level of play and impressive facilities firsthand.

Reflecting on his trip, Sacha expressed admiration for the facilities and the standard of play. He values the combination of education and football in the US scholarship route, aiming to continue his studies while pursuing his passion for football.

Sacha’s journey exemplifies the opportunities available through our programmes at Ellesmere and Manchester. Brandon, Lead Coach at Ellesmere, commended Sacha’s dedication and predicted his success in securing a good scholarship offer in the US.

Sacha will continue with the programme until May, awaiting scholarship offers before deciding on his next steps. If you’re interested in starting your journey, like Sacha did in 2021, contact us to discuss options for joining our football academy programmes in 2024.