The boys are back at Ellesmere after their Easter break. They’ve started the summer term with energy, jumping into campus life right away.
Seeing all the players again after the long Easter break was great. They got back to training on Tuesday, ready to work hard. Darren, the gym instructor and fitness coach, wasted no time in pushing them to their limits. The first training session focused on warming up and preventing injuries. Darren also made it fun by adding balance games, which are important for players.

Throughout the season, Darren has been helping the players with fitness and warm-up techniques. Even though there’s limited time with him, he’s always there for advice. The fitness program has really helped the players perform better in games and training this season.
After Darren’s session, Lead Coach Brandon led some fun drills to get the boys back into the swing of things. They worked on passing, moving, and keeping possession, and they approached training with great attitudes.
In the final weeks of the program, the players will have a busy schedule, including exams and end-of-year activities. They need to stay focused, committed, and dedicated to make the most of the season’s last stages.
Head of football Sam said it’s going to be a busy few weeks, especially for Ellesmere players. He hopes they take advantage of this time. There are exciting activities planned, like guest speakers, a scouts day, and an end-of-season presentation.
Lead Coach Brandon is excited to have the boys back and wants to make this term great for them. They’ll be focusing on their progressions, whether it’s continuing their education and football journey, returning next season, or moving up to the next level in the game.