You might hear that rain or adverse weather conditions have stopped play, but this week it was the Royal Helicopter that stopped play, not often you hear that and a great spectacle for the Ellesmere International Football Academy players.

HRH Princess Anne was visiting Shropshire to take a tour of a variety of places in the nearby area, including the home of Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxton, co-founders of Save the Children, for which she is Patron.

As the Royal visitors have a packed schedule, helicopter travel is one of the preferred means of transport for the Royals. As Ellesmere college has vast grounds and is cleared for helicopter landings, that was the venue picked to park whilst on the visit to the area.

During the session on that day at the academy the action was halted as HRH and team took off from the pitches at Ellesmere, with all the players and staff watching on. The players even got a glimpse of the Royal visitor as she boarded the helicopter to continue her journey.

Not every day a Royal visitor and helicopter stops play!