Last Friday, international footballers in Manchester, who were part of the IHM Football Academy, had a special day. Stockport County invited them to join a day-long event at Stockport Sports Village for matches.
The event took place at the impressive facilities of Stockport Sports Village. It was an 8-team tournament with local Manchester teams. The day kicked off with the group stages. IHM Football Academy had three games to try and make it to the semi-finals.

IHM Football Academy faced tough opponents in the group stages, like Pro Elite Football and Stockport County 1st & 2nd teams. Despite knowing it wouldn’t be easy, the IH team believed they had the skill to progress.
Their first game was against Pro Elite. IH started strong with Mohammed Beyoud scoring early. But Pro Elite turned it around with two quick goals, winning the game.
Next up was Stockport County 1st team, the strongest team in the group on paper. Thanks to goalkeeper Andrea Melica’s outstanding performance, IHM Football Academy managed to draw the game 0-0.
In their final group game, IHM Football Academy needed a win and a favourable result in the other match. Sadly, the IHM team lost 2-0, ending their tournament journey early.
Despite the outcome, the day was a valuable experience for the players. Tournament football helps players learn and improve quickly. Playing three games in a day provided ample opportunity for development.
Sam, the head of football, commented, “Although we didn’t get the result we hoped for, it was a positive day. Facing strong teams like this helps our players grow and understand UK football better. We saw some excellent individual performances, and we’ll use this experience to get better for the next tournament.”
The tournament at Stockport is just one of many events the international football academy offers. These events not only provide extra playing time but also a chance for players to showcase their talents to coaches and scouts. Just last month, one academy player, Muna, was spotted at a game and offered trials at Morecambe. These events attract scouts and coaches, offering players unexpected opportunities.
If you’re interested in joining us in Manchester for the upcoming season, contact us to learn about our academy courses. We welcome players of all skill levels to join us in their football journey.