The players at IHM Football Academy at Ellesmere College are gearing up for the final stretch of the season. As they enjoy their break over Easter, let’s take a look back at the season so far and see what’s in store for the last term.

The 203/2024 season started strong with the largest intake of players in the academy’s history. Over 40 players have been actively participating in both on-field and off-field activities.

On the field, players have been pushing themselves daily under the guidance of coaches. Despite some disappointments in local and national cup competitions, the team has shown promise in league matches and friendlies.

In the classroom, players have attended more sessions than ever, focusing on their portfolios and long-term career plans. Special guests like ex-Manchester United coach Mike Phelan and representatives from Soccer Assist have shared their insights, enriching the players’ learning experiences.

Individually, several players have stood out, earning spots on the county team and even the chance to compete abroad. Additionally, they had the opportunity to support their lead coach, Brandon, during his matches with Telford AFC.

As the final term approaches, the coaches have a packed schedule planned. On-field activities include friendly matches and portfolio workshops, while off-field events like EXPO week will provide opportunities for players to showcase their talents to scouts.

Lead Coach Brandon acknowledges the swift passage of time and the challenges ahead, especially with exam season coinciding. However, he remains optimistic about finishing the season strong and looks forward to the players’ return.

The players will reconvene on April 15th for the final push of the season. If you’re interested in joining IHM at Ellesmere College for the next season in September, reach out now to explore your options.