English + Football

Welcome to IHM Football Academy English + Football. This is your chance to dedicate yourself full time to developing your football skills, showcasing your talent to professional clubs and continuing your education at a well established Manchester Football Academy. During your English + Football course you will live the professional football academy experience in Manchester, the home of English football, having English language lessons every morning and professional football training each afternoon.
IH Manchester will provide you with a carefully selected local homestay host.
If you are serious about football and your future career as a professional player, contact us now to organise a visit / or trial week at our academy!

About the English + Football course

  • Suitable for age 16+
  • 1-22 weeks
  • 15 hours of English lessons per week(Maximum 15 students per class)
  • 10 hours of Football Training per week
  • Standard homestay accommodation (half board Mon-Fri, full board at weekends) 
  • kit bundle – 1-4 weeks – 2 training kits (top, shorts, socks), 1 tracksuits, 1 red polo
  • kit bundle – 5- 8 weeks – 3 training kits (top, shorts, socks), 2 tracksuit jackets,  1 waterproof jacket, 1 red polo
  • kit bundle – 8 weeks or more – 3 training kits (top, shorts, socks), 2 tracksuits, 1 bench jacket, 1 waterproof jacket, 1 bag, 2 red polos
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure, Manchester or Liverpool airport
  • This course is suitable for English level pre intermediate and above

English Language Lessons

If you choose the English language option you will receive 15 hours per week of English language lessons. The lessons are provided at the school by International House Manchester’s qualified tutors. On arrival, all English language students receive an individual Needs Analysis interview, so the school knows exactly what each student needs. This interview also allows the school to assess the student’s specific strengths and weaknesses when speaking and listening. We’ll also take a sample of each student’s writing and ask them to complete a grammar/vocabulary exam, so we can prepare clear, personalised learning goals for each student.
After finishing the needs analysis, students are assigned to a class which corresponds to their CEFR level in English. We introduce new students to their teachers and classmates, and we check after the first class and throughout the week that everything is going well. Students also have a face-to-face individual tutorial every two weeks with their teacher. The Principal and Director of Studies are also available to talk to outside of class. We will advise students on which exam is best for them e.g. IELTS / Cambridge PET, FCE or CAE.

English + Football Course dates 2020/2021

Term dates:
41 week academic year

Autumn Term:

Tuesday 1st September – Friday 18th December 2020 (16 weeks)

Winter to Summer Term (1 continuous, uninterrupted term):

Monday 4th January – Friday 25 June 2021 (25 weeks)

Football Training


Team play and tactics are an important part of the game. Being part of the Academy means being part of the team and competing weekly in competitive fixtures. Our coaches will work on tactical elements of the English game. The players will begin to develop their tactical awareness; including shape, movement, set plays, defending and attacking as a team. These elements of training will be worked on both on the pitch, where players will receive lectures on the English game, what to expect, the laws of the game and both basic and complex tactics. Throughout the season the team will film as many fixtures and training sessions as possible for post-match analysis. This is a great opportunity for players to reflect on and discuss their performance and identify exactly where they need to improve.


Simple repetitive drills will be introduced to ensure that players can master the basic skills of the game. These sessions will continue over the season to ensure steady improvement. Many players continue with training drills in order to maintain their level of skill. David Beckham famously practised free kicks alone after training each day. Adopting good habits in your training is key. Players are also encouraged to understand the importance of warming up and cooling down and are expected to quickly take personal responsibility for their warm up. Self-guided learning was introduced in the 2014/2015 season and is valuable to every player’s individual technical development. These comprise of short periods of time at the beginning or end of each session where all players are asked to choose an area of their game that they wish to work on. The choice is based around the skill targets set in tutorials and coaching sessions. During this time players are given the time to work at their own pace and the coaches are on hand to assist and advise if needed.

When enrolling and attending the IH Manchester English + football programme, you are enrolling on an educational study programme as a full time student. Therefore, any students who are attending the programme from outside of the EU and have been granted leave to enter the UK by a student visa are not allowed to access public funds nor are they allowed to work in the UK, either paid or unpaid.
Working would include playing professional football for a club in the UK or amateur football for an amateur FA registered football club. Throughout the programme IH Manchester arrange a variety of experiences for students to attend scouting opportunities with clubs in the UK. Should a non EU visa student be successful in being scouted by a professional or amateur club in the UK, it would be the responsibility of the club and the individual player to ensure that they have secured the relevant UK work visa and permissions for this. We also only recommend doing this following the successful completion of the student’s course of study and with full compliance with the terms of their UK student visa.