At the IHM Football Academy at Ellesmere College, coaches make sure players stick to a professional routine for top performance and fitness. They know when to rest and when to push hard.

After each match, players follow a routine to stay fit and avoid injuries. This routine helps them build habits for their future in football.

After a game, players focus on cooling down and recovering well. They may do this right after the game or the next day. Good nutrition and hydration are important, and at Ellesmere, players get top-quality food. Stretching helps prevent injuries, and having fun and relaxing is good for their mental well-being. Analyzing the game shortly after is helpful too.

This season at Ellesmere, coaches have made sure to include all these things. For example, after a tough game on Wednesday, players had a recovery day on Thursday. They split into groups to do different activities, like stretching in the gym, doing active exercises on the field, and watching game highlights in the classroom with Coach Brandon.

This week showed a great way to recover after a game, which they’ll keep doing all season. It’s all part of the learning experience for young players.