In Manchester, at the IH Manchester International Football Academy, the players are back in training after a well-earned rest for the half-term break.

The majority of the players at the academy are studying an academic course at our partner college, Abbey College. They follow the college term times and had a week’s break in study and training towards the end of February. To ensure that all the players remain fit and ready to go upon their return, Head of Football Sam set them a clear fitness program to follow during that time.

For many of the students, it was a time to travel home to see loved ones or to travel within the UK to explore more of the country they call home while they are studying. Some used it to attend trials in the US, like one of our Ellesmere players who travelled to Denver for US college trials.

Now the players are back and have a short time until the Easter break. It’s a crucial time for all players and students. The football schedule will intensify, with Friday league games occurring weekly, and the rescheduled matches needing to be fitted into the action-packed weeks. Off the pitch, many players will start preparing for their exams, which will commence in the coming months. It’s crucial for the players to strike a healthy balance between study and football.
With the fixtures kicking off again, it’s back to the training ground each day for the IH Manchester academy. Working hard with Sam and the team, the players are developing both as a team and as individual talents. The work rate on the pitch has intensified in the past week, pleasing the coaches. The Head of Football commented, “It’s going to be a busy time on the pitch for the lads, with not only a full training schedule but also some extra games. I’m very much aware that there will be a lot going on for the players away from football too in the coming month. It’s important that we work together, keep everyone fit, and in the best physical shape as we can to ensure we have enough players to rotate in the games. So far, they have been brilliant out on the field since we’ve returned from the break. It was clear that a good number of the players had kept training over the week, showing great commitment. Hopefully, now it will show in the results and the performances as we go through this second half of the term.”

Creating a fun and engaging learning environment for the players on the pitch has been key to the program this season. All the players have engaged well with the approach the coaches and team have had to the training. They are all working hard as a team to develop, creating a positive environment, and we see the smiles on the faces of the players.
With not much time left in the 2023/2024 season, the academy is turning its attention to the intake of players for the coming season. Many players are continuing into the 2024/2025 season, suggesting a strong squad as a base. If you’d like to join the team in Manchester, contact us now to discuss options for enrolling in September 2024.