Our Ethos

  • To ensure that each student player dedicates the same commitment, perseverance and personal discipline to academic achievement as they do to football success.
  • To instil in all players the importance of always demonstrating a professional, sporting and respectful attitude towards coaches, teachers, match officials and their peers.
  • To develop and nurture each player’s ability to achieve their full potential, both as an individual player and as a member of a team, whatever that level may be.
  • Young players will be encouraged to develop a winning attitude. However, they will also be shown how to lose with good grace and take positives from failure.
  • To familiarise student players with that culture and style particular to English football, both on and off the pitch.
  • Each student player will be actively encouraged to develop an individual career plan. Student players will be introduced to a wide range of possible football related career paths, beyond the professional game, in order that they may continue to have career choices available as they move through school and on to higher education.