How to Apply

How do I join IHM Football Boarding Schools?
Can I trial with your academy? / Can you find me a club?
Can I be sponsored / have a free place?

IHM Football Boarding Schools provide a football academy experience for students enrolled on a full-time academic course. All our schools are private fee paying accredited schools. Our professional football academy is only available to our full-time enrolled students.
Above you will see some questions that we often get asked at IHM Football Boarding Schools.
Here we answer those questions for you:
How do I join you?
If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to ask one of your parents to contact the IHM Director, Peter on: [email protected]
We can only communicate with your mother/father/guardian about our courses.
It is important that you understand exactly which course you wish to apply for. There is a broad choice.
To help you choose the best course for you, please visit About Us.
NB – Take a look at our Price List here.
When you have chosen the course that is best for you, please have your parents/guardians contact us.