For many aspiring young football players from around the world, the US scholarship route is a fantastic option which allows them to both continue their studies and play soccer at the highest level. IHM Football Academy are delighted to partner with the UKs leading US Soccer Scholarship company, “Soccer Assist”, to provide opportunities for our players to progress on in their football journey.

This week, Tautvydas Poniskaitis ( T ) from “Soccer Assist”, visited the IHM Football Academy to meet the players and listen to their experience of being with us. T spoke to the players in length about the opportunities the scholarships in the USA can bring young athletes. T also stressed how this doesn’t only help to elevate their playing career, but also allows them to continue their academic studies. Everything that IHM Football Academy believes in.

Over the past 5 years. “Soccer Assist” have visited both the IH Manchester and Ellesmere College football academy sites. “Soccer Assist” has worked with our players and offered these talks and advice. And, over the years a number of our international players have grabbed the opportunity to secure a US soccer scholarship. Some of these young international student players have even managed to achieve fully funded places in the USA.

All those interested in taking part in the US route with “Soccer Assist”, both students and parents, receive a fully guided and supported service. This allows them to source, secure and preparing for a scholarship at a US university or college.

Scholarships that are awarded to exceptional athletes, who demonstrate excellence in sport along with their academic studies, and provide a discount on tuition fees. Scholarships work on a percentage basis, so each college and university offers can offer a scholarship to a different value depending on the particular sport’s department budget. “Soccer Assist” pride themselves on always being able to secure a variety of offers for the students they have worked with and assessed.

During the presentation in Manchester this week, the student players learnt what great pathways and opportunities do present themselves on the US scholarship route and how, depending on the level of college they could attract at trials, they could be playing in front of sell out crowds in the US college leagues.

Head of Football, Sam, said:

“We were delighted to welcome the guys from “Soccer Assist” to the academy this week. They shared with the lads the whole package of what they could expect if they were to look at going to the USA. Which is great as it now really gives some of the lads a target to aim for.

All our players work hard not only on the pitch but in class, so this is a perfect way to continue playing and studying to the next level. We really do highlight to all our players the importance of their academic study, and this just cements that message and has hopefully added a little bit of thought into the process of looking towards planning their next steps.”

This is just one of the ways by which IHM Football Academy helps players in their progression in the game and with their academic study. One of the main objectives of the academy is to ensure that all our young players give equal importance to academic achievement as they do to their progress with football. This opportunity for this progression onto the next level in their studies is a perfect example.

A massive thank you from all of us here at IHM Football Academy to the team from “Soccer Assist” for their time this week. We look forward to seeing them again soon when they follow up on this initial visit and hopefully start to work with some of our young players.

If you want to start your football journey in the UK with the option of progressing to the world renowned US college system in the future, contact us now to join our team in 2024