This week at the IHM Football Academy, the players were involved in the second part of the opportunity and progression seminars with our football consultant Mick Brennan.

Both sites (Manchester & Ellesmere) came together virtually, via video call, for the afternoon session where Mick spoke about looking at targets and setting goals. This part of the session was dedicated to encouraging the players to think about their routes into the professional game, understanding what SMART targets are and how to work towards them with constant reviews and small steps.

During the session there was some insightful discussion with the players, who opened up to the staff and their peers about what their goals were and how they felt they could achieve them. As a result, some of the players who had already set clear personal goals were able to start to consider how to measure them.

During, the second part of the session the players reviewed their own research and then learnt about the importance of gaining a deeper knowledge about clubs, leagues and country systems that they wished to target.

These professional development sessions are an integral part of the IHM Football Academy programme this year, demonstrating the academy’s commitment to helping and supporting our young student players with concrete career advice.

On the session this week Mick Brennan said:

“Once again it was great to be in contact with the players and not only help to give them a little guidance in their next steps, but also hear their thoughts regarding their goals and targets.

Many of our student players have targets, which is great, but we were able to identify the different stages involved. It was also useful to break down the players’ goals into smaller, more achievable steps, so they could see the progression. We were also able to get them thinking about where they may wish to be in 12 months/2 years time.

Hopefully by the next session they will have gathered a little info through the research we discussed, on 4 clubs they feel they could approach. We will then be able to look at the next topics in the sessions where we will be encouraging the development of CVs and highlights packages.

All great stuff and I believe we will have some great portfolios by the end of the programme”

Once again, next month, Mick will be delivering a further session to the players to continue the series, and will hopefully be in to see the players again soon and interact to offer advice.

These sessions are available to all our academy players, no matter how short a course they take with us. Delivering these sessions remotely online allows all of players to benefit, wherever they may be in the world.

If you would like to be part of the Academy and benefit from these opportunities, contact us now and we can advise on the best course for you.