Meet Archie, our spotlight player this week.

Archie Floate is one of our longest-serving players at the IHM at Ellesmere College Football Academy. He joined the program in year 7, and now in the sixth form, he has consistently improved each year.
Archie Floate
Starting in September 2018 as the youngest player, Archie quickly gained respect from both players and staff by actively participating in sessions and training. Despite being the youngest and a day student, Archie embraced the challenge, maintaining a different schedule to engage as much as possible.

In his sixth season in 2023, Archie emerged as a senior player and a leader on and off the pitch. Even during challenging times like the COVID-19 lockdowns, he remained committed, attending online sessions promptly and submitting video logs regularly.

In the current 2023–2024 season, Archie’s hard work and determination shine through. He stands out in every academy team game and has secured a contract with Airbus FC in the second tier of the Welsh football league.

Looking ahead, Archie aims for the US college system, balancing high-level football and studies. Mick Brennan, a former IHM Football Academy director and now a football consultant, commends Archie’s journey, praising his work ethic and leadership.

Archie expressed his love for the academy, crediting the sessions and coaching for his growth in confidence and development as a player.

As Archie continues at the academy, we wish him success in his journey. You can find his full interview on our social media channels. If you’re interested in joining the IHM at Ellesmere College academy and starting your own journey like Archie, contact us for more information.