This week, we’re putting the spotlight on Ramsey Jemba at the IHM Football Academy in Manchester.

Ramsey joined IHM in September 2021 while studying for his GCSEs at Abbey College in Manchester. He’s been dedicated both on and off the pitch, emerging as a standout player this season, setting an example for others in the program.

Ramsey’s a reliable defender, playing either center back or central defensive midfield. He’s got great passing skills, giving the team options in building attacks and counterattacks. Defensively, he’s strong in the air and often wins his one-on-one battles.

Despite studying at a higher level and maintaining his dedication to football, Ramsey’s focused on progressing in the sport. His hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, with his national side, Uganda, calling him up for the U18s team, a remarkable achievement. He’s also caught the eye of clubs like Stalybridge, who invited him to play with their Sunday side, potentially opening doors to semi-professional or non-league football.

IHM Head of Football, Sam, praised Ramsey’s performance, acknowledging his contributions on and off the pitch:

“Ramsey’s commitment and drive are commendable, and his international representation is a testament to his talent.”

Sam believes Ramsey has a bright future in the sport.

Ramsey will continue working hard with the IHM international football academy to progress further while pursuing his qualifications at Abbey College.

If you’re interested in joining Ramsey and others in Manchester, contact us to explore options for a September start.