Welcome Juan!

Juan is the focus of this month’s player spotlight. Juan Andres Chapero Comin has just completed his first full week at the IHM Football Academy. Hailing from Argentina, Juan is on a 10-week program, dividing his time between studying English for 15 hours per week and honing his football skills under the guidance of IHM coaches.

Playing on the left, Juan is adept with both feet and enjoys showcasing his flair by cutting inside for impactful shots. Despite arriving at the start of term two, Juan seamlessly integrated with the group, impressing coaches with his warm personality and commitment to improvement.

Expressing his experience so far, Juan praised the well-planned training sessions and the coaches’ approach, aligning with his preferences. He aims to enhance his game mentality, learn the English style of play, and develop a smarter playing style during his time in the program.

Being part of both the football and English program positions Juan to grasp the terminology used in the game quickly. The integration of English teaching with on-field coaching facilitates a comprehensive understanding for effective communication with coaches and teammates.

Head coach Sam welcomed Juan into the group, acknowledging his seamless transition and enthusiasm to absorb instructions. Sam highlighted Juan’s maturity, clear goals, and eagerness to learn, expressing optimism about Juan’s progression in the coming weeks.

Wishing Juan success in Manchester, the IHM Football Academy looks forward to his journey in English football. For those interested in joining Juan at the academy, the opportunity is open, offering a combination of English studies and football training. For non-native speakers seeking to pursue university studies in the UK, various academic programs are also available. Contact us now to explore the options!