Davyd Dushchenko is 14 years old and from the Ukraine.


Davyd has joined us in the UK at the IHM Football Academy at Ellesmere College, studying at the school full time and training each day with the IHM Football Academy coaches. As a Manchester City fan, he loves to see the way Manchester City play their positional game, moving the ball quick and working so well as a team, which is something he wants to bring into his game.

In his first few months of UK football Davyd has done extremely well and adapted to the English game. He loves the team play of the game at the academy and even though he’s playing with bigger and stronger players, is really taking to the challenge which he says is really developing him as a player.

In the future Davyd wants to try to progress to the professional game, if he can and earn trials with teams.

Good Luck Davyd, keep up the hard work at the Academy.

If you’d like to join Dayvd and the other players at Ellesmere to future your football development, contact the team now to book for 2024.