Player of the Month – November 2023

Manchester – Meni Hamad

This month, in Manchester, the player of the month is Meni Hamad.

Meni is a tremendously disciplined full back and has really shown what he can do both on and off the pitch this month. He has been working hard to secure a spot in the starting line up for the first team.

A “no-nonsense” player, Meni has a fantastic footballing brain, showing he can always be one step ahead of the opposition and be a vital part of a squad.

During the month, and since his arrival, Meni has had a brilliant attitude to training and to learning the game in the UK, constantly giving 100% in everything he does.

On and off the pitch Meni has a tremendously positive attitude and is a great influence on the other players.

IHM Football Academy Head of Football, Sam, said:

“ Well done Meni. This award is very much deserved this month for all your hard work.

You’ve shown great ability and attitude and have worked hard. It’s great to have you in the team, showing an example to your teammates with your great attitude and outlook to training.
Keep up the good work.”

As the players head towards the Christmas break, the hard work continues.

If you’d like to be part of the IHM Football Academy team in Manchester and would like to train alongside Meni, contact us now to discuss your options.