“My last few months on the football programme have been bittersweet.”

Elijah was unlucky recently. Whilst back home in Kenya over the Easter holiday, he suffered a broken toe whilst playing football. This meant him having to miss full training and match play for the last couple of months. It’s been tough for him not being able to train with the rest of the squad and it’s clear that he’s felt a little bit down of late. Which is a shame as Elijah has achieved so much since enrolling in September 2018. He has kept on top of his BTEC course work and is on Target to achieve a “Distinction” in the Level 3 Diploma (equivalent of 2 A levels). He has already been awarded a “Distinction” for the Sub Diploma.

We offer Football Coaching, Football Courses, Football Training, Football Academy. IH Manchester Football AcademyHowever, in the interview he talks about the many sources of support that he has been able to draw upon during this difficult time; his team mates, his coaches, the school staff and his gym trainer. They have all been there for him when he needed them and each has played their part in helping him through.

“I have my team mates to thank for being in the right mental state, they have been supportive. They tell me keep working hard, you’re going to be back soon, you’ll come back stronger. They’ve just been there for me when I need them.”

So, Elijah has put his time to good use and with guidance from his coaches has been working on developing his tactical awareness whilst being unable to play.

Elijah acknowledges that without the support network he has had around him he would have probably quit by now. At IHM we understand the ups and downs that come with intensive sport training and match play and are able to work with our young athletes to ensure that they carry the strong mental attitude that encourage them to bring to the game also to everything in life that happens off the pitch, too.

As the academic year draws to an end Elijah can look forward to the next stages of his IHM journey. He may decide to complete the BTEC Extended Diploma (equivalent to 3 A levels) which would allow him to enrol on a UK university undergraduate programme,. Or he may decide to enrol on our “Football Only” programme and complete his FA Level 2 coaching badge at the same time. Like a lot of our players, Elijah has already passed his FA Level 1 coaching badge last term.

Finally, Elijah reflects upon how he has developed as a person and what specific things he takes away from the year as the course draws to a close.

“As a player my technical skills have really flourished. I’ve made some good friends here that I know are always going to be there for me throughout life. I’ve developed good maturity skills and I’m just happy with how far I’ve come.”

If you feel that you could thrive in the IHM Football Academy environment, or you are a parent and can imagine your son or daughter taking full advantage of all that we offer here, contact us now to start to discuss how to apply.

It’s time to start your adventure.”