IHM Football Academy – 0
Football Futures – 2
Date: Friday 8 December 2023
Venue: Ten Acres Lane
Competition: Friendly fixture
Man of the match: Alex Tang

This friendly fixture was a perfect opportunity for Head Coach, Sam, to give each and every member of the IHM Football Academy squad an opportunity for some competitive match play. Everyone got a minimum of 30 minutes playing time in this game.

Sam reports a pretty quiet game in the first half, apart from an unfortunate head injury suffered by one of the IHM players. IHMN started the second half much better. Football Futures changed their formation following the last game against IHM, an emphatic victory. Instead of the previous very deep set up, our opponents on this occasion they were pressing, which is what suits IHM best. It means that IHM can get out of situations and draw their opponents in and the team did just that.

Sam picked out Alex Tang for special praise:

“Alex Tang, our young midfielder from China was absolutely superb once again. He ran the show.”

Despite the many positives, IHM came out of this game 2-0 down. The Football Futures goal keeper deserved special praise from Sam:

“Their goalkeeper had an absolute stormer and made some top class saves. This stifled any opportunity to get ahead and take the result.”

However, overall this was simply a friendly game, an opportunity for the manager to experiment and try players in positions they were less used to playing in and everyone got a run out.

So, let’s have the last word from Sam, when he enthused:

“Everyone did brilliantly. A great effort. Many lessons learnt.”