This week at Ellesmere College, the student players focused on building their portfolios in seminars led by IHM Football Academy consultant, Mick Brennan. Mick reviewed player CVs, offering examples for improvement, and delved into the main session on creating highlights and reels.

Gathering highlights has become crucial for players, with technology enhancing scouting systems. IHM Football Academy recommends players compile reels during the season using academy VEO technology, which records every game.

During this week’s session, the Ellesmere College players were guided on gathering and editing highlights. Discussions revolved around showcasing abilities through reels. The next session will focus on social media and its effective use in sharing players’ progress.

IHM Head of Football at Ellesmere, Brandon, praised the valuable information provided. The engaging sessions aim to help players progress both on and off the field. IHM Football Academy, in both Ellesmere and Manchester, strives to equip players for success.

Brandon noted:

“Many lads have been busy putting together CVs and asking for guidance on creating highlights. It’ll be good to see what they can come up with in the coming days and weeks.”

These classroom sessions are part of IHM Football Academy’s commitment to aiding players in achieving their full potential, both in sports and academically. If you’re interested in joining the academy in the UK, contact us now to discuss options.