The IHM Football Academy in Manchester supports its players by helping them build portfolios for future opportunities. The focus is not only on on-field skills but also on off-field development through seminars.

Players attended a recent session in Manchester, part of a series to build their portfolios. The goal is to create a lasting document that can aid their career progression. The session covered reviewing player CVs and understanding what to include in highlight reels.

In today’s digital age, having highlight reels is crucial for aspiring players. Mick Brennan, a football consultant, spent time with the players in Manchester, discussing and comparing highlight reels. Mick emphasized the importance of these sessions in helping players improve their chances by showcasing themselves effectively.

Portfolio talk

According to Mick, many talented players miss opportunities due to not knowing the best way to present themselves. While these sessions won’t guarantee opportunities, they provide valuable insights. Mick stressed the importance of creating highlight reels, even with simple tips, to increase visibility. Players were encouraged to start gathering footage early, utilizing the opportunity provided by the VEO camera during games and training.

Mick will continue working with the players in the coming weeks, exploring the next stages of portfolio development and online options through apps and social media for effective self-marketing.

If interested in joining the academy and participating in these sessions, contact them to discuss suitable packages for playing in Manchester.