This week, players from IHM Football Academy, spanning both Manchester and Ellesmere locations, gathered online for the third session in a series of progression support led by academy football consultant Mick Brennan.

Mick virtually convened with the players to share insights and initiate discussions on crafting their player CVs for potential future playing opportunities. Building on the previous month’s target-setting seminar, where players were assigned tasks to research and identify clubs for potential engagement, this session focused on consolidating their CVs. The goal is for the players to have a comprehensive player portfolio ready for circulation in the upcoming term, as they actively seek additional opportunities.

By the session’s conclusion, players gained valuable information on what details to include in their CVs, received guidance on effective presentation, and engaged in group tasks to extract key information about their experiences and attributes. Mick expressed his satisfaction with the players’ progress, noting that some had already gone beyond setting targets, with one Ellesmere player proactively sending his CV to 25 US colleges to explore opportunities within the American college system.

Reflecting on the session, Mick mentioned, “Once again, it was great to discuss the players’ progressions in the game. Next term, I’ll be meeting them in person, which allows for better interaction. Several players have taken proactive steps, reaching out to clubs, and one Ellesmere player has already started his journey by circulating his CV to US colleges. This time, we focused on refining their CVs, emphasizing the significance of accurate information and effective wording. It was an overall productive session, and with the players collaborating closely with the academy coaches, they are poised to create impressive CVs. I look forward to reconvening with the players in January.”

Mick’s upcoming visits in the new year will delve into video highlights and social media use. The academy’s players benefit from the Veo system, providing recordings of all their UK games for use in crafting highlights for their CVs.

This session is part of the academy’s ongoing commitment to supporting players not just on the field but also in building portfolios and pathways for future progression. If you’re interested in joining the academy in 2024 and participating in these developmental sessions, reach out to the academy now to explore suitable course options.