First Semester at IHM Football Academy at Ellesmere College

The kickoff to the 2023/2024 football season at IHM Football Academy at Ellesmere College has been full of excitement. In the first semester, players received top-notch coaching from the academy staff, heard from industry experts about career paths, and had numerous games to apply their training.

This season’s start was robust, with the highest number of players enrolled since the academy began. This not only added vibrancy but also allowed coaches to work closely with different age groups, efficiently dividing them. The increased competition motivated players to work hard for a spot in the starting eleven on matchdays.

Throughout the semester, players had weekly competitive games, sometimes even more than once a week, providing ample match time. Participating in various leagues and cup competitions offered diverse challenges, and Ellesmere players showcased great performances in all competitions.

Beyond games, players engaged in extra activities to enhance their learning. Seminars with football consultant Mick Brennan focused on showcasing abilities and building portfolios for future pathways. IPSO delivered a session on UK scouting and provided individual player reports, offering valuable insights for portfolios and improvement.

A standout moment was a visit from ex-Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan, who shared insights on career progression and coached the players on the pitch. Selecting five young players to represent the county in the end-of-season tour marked a significant achievement.

As the players head into their Christmas break, the academy team is excited about planning an equally dynamic second semester. Lead coach Brandon highlighted the numerous goals scored during the term, emphasizing the teamwork and development evident in each one.

Lead coach Brandon gave a full interview on his thoughts about the first term, which can be seen on the football academy socials. However, when asked about his standout moments of the first term he commented:

“There were so many really, but for me it has to be some of the goals. Not just the strike and the goal scorer, but we had so many great team goals that were scored in the games this term which involved the whole team. That just shows the ability they have as a team, it was great to see.

Some of them were worked right from the back with calm and controlled play, then topped off with a great finish. As a coach its amazing to see that hard work the lads put in on the training ground pay off”

All these goals can be seen on the academy VEO system and will soon be available as highlights of the term. Commenting more on the first term Brandon said:

“It had been a great term. We’ve got some fantastic players here and it’s been good to see them develop so well already. The programme has been full-on and it’s only now as a coach when I get time to stop and reflect on the weeks gone we realise how much we have done in the first term.

With all the games, the training out on the pitch, the online sessions, Mike Phelan coming in and IPSO looking at the players it’s just been fantastic. Really looking forward to the next term.”

Term 2 at Ellesmere will see the football term for the school teams too, which means that there will be an increase in games for players to be involved in, representing not only the academy but the school year groups too.

It’s looking to be an exciting 2024 at Ellesmere, so keep up to date on all the action on our website and all our socials.

Ellesmere looks forward to an exciting 2024, and you can stay updated on all the action through our website and social media channels.