The IHM Football Academy program includes attending live games to see various levels of UK football and experience the atmosphere. This week, players went to watch FC United, a level 7 team located near Manchester city centre. Coaches believe it’s crucial for players to experience different football levels first hand. Many players are used to watching only the top Premier League games on TV but need to understand lower-level opportunities. Coaches encourage players to attend live games, such as at the Etihad stadium. This week, they watched FC United vs. Radcliffe in the Northern Premier League.

FC United was formed in 2005 by fans unhappy with Manchester United’s American ownership. The game against Radcliffe was a local derby, bringing a great atmosphere. The IHM players saw Radcliffe win 1-0, maintaining their top position.

Head of football, Sam, said:

“it’s essential for players to see lower-level football to understand the standard required.”

He was pleased the players enjoyed the experience and hoped they realized the passion in UK football at all levels. The academy aims to take players to more live games to broaden their football experience.

If you’re interested in joining the academy for an educational football experience in the UK, contact them to explore options for this or next season.