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IHM Football Academy are delighted to announce the signing of an official partnership with Soccer Assist.

The partnership deal will see Soccer Assist offering their services directly to IHM Football Academy and its partners. IHM Football Academy’s players will have a chance to progress on to U.S. scholarships after completing their time at the academy. Creating the perfect pathway into a competitive U.S. college programme.

Part of the long-term strategy will also involve exploring the possibility of Soccer Assist taking a group of IHM Football Academy players on an American showcase tour to compete against college programmes and be recruited.

In return, Soccer Assist will recommend international students interested in studying or playing football in the UK to IHM Football Academy.

There will be additional collaborations at future events.

Soccer Assist Director, Tyrelle McLeod-Bentley said;

“From the moment we were invited to IHM Football Academy’s site at Ellesmere it was clear to see they had some talented individuals who would fit the American college system. Hat’s off to the guys running the academy as they have done a great job.”

IH Football Academy Managing Director, Peter Hayes said:

“Soccer Assist offers our student players an excellent pathway to a US college education plus an exciting opportunity to play regular football and receive top quality coaching in the USA. The chance for talented players to win a scholarship also brings this opportunity within everyone’s reach. At IHM Football Academy we encourage each player to identify their individual academic goals and work on achieving these as well as helping them to develop as players and young people. This makes our partnership with Soccer Assist such a great fit.”

Soccer Assist is a college recruitment company that helps connect sports students to American colleges by accessing scholarships. The company ethos is built on supporting each student-athlete throughout their entire college experience to ensure their time in America matches the expectations.

For more information on how to get recruited for college email: [email protected]