Webinar: An Overview of an International Football Academy

16.00 (UK time) Wednesday 1st June 2020

Football is not the most transparent of industries. Young players who are passionate about the game and hungry to emulate the success of top level professionals all around the world can be easily misled. Even those lucky enough to make it to pro-club academy level will most likely be dropped by their 18th birthday. Some of those will have sacrificed their academic studies chasing their football dreams.

This is exactly why IHM Football Academy has always given equal importance to performance in the classroom, as well as that on the pitch. The welfare and safety of our young student players is first and foremost, which is why we only work with accredited education providers, who consistently gain excellent academic results.

However, every one of our international student players is given the very best chance to be the best football player that he / she can be. IHM runs a professional football coaching programme and is affiliated to the English FA. Players train daily and are involved in competitive match fixtures. Our coaches are both well-qualified and experienced ex-professionals. We use the latest technology to monitor our players’ performance and we nurture the spirit and character of our young players to ensure that they can always give their best.

This webinar provides a unique insight into how a good football academy works in the best interest of both young student players and their parents. It will allow you to evaluate the full range of academies on offer in the market to ensure you get the best fir for you or your child.

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