Top Tips For Young Footballers

At IHM Football Academy we believe in helping as many young footballers as possible to immediately start to improve their game.

So, what do we recommend to help you to become a better footballer?

Follow our series of 6 top tips, starting here with number 1, to gradually but dramatically improve your game. The tips are designed to raise your awareness of what makes a great player and then give you some simple but highly effective drills that you can easily do on your own.

Tip 1 of 6 “Practise Makes Perfect”

Have a good 1st touch

Your first touch will dictate what your next move will be, so you must be able to control the ball when it’s near to you and also be able to use both feet.

Try kicking the ball against a wall and take turns using both feet. This will improve your touch.

You Must Be Able To Use Your Weak Foot

Even pro players suffer from the inability to confidently and competently use both feet. When mastered, this skill will set you apart from the crowd. Start to strengthen your weak foot as soon as possible to get the edge over other players.

As above, simply practising kicking the ball against a wall using only your weaker foot to control and return it will immediately start to help. Don’t just depend upon your good foot, too many players do this, actively try to use your weak foot more and you will soon reap the rewards.

Top Tips For Young Footballers

Controlled Dribbling In Restricted Space

It’s essential that you learn exactly how to control and dribble the ball in restricted space. It doesn’t matter what position you play. This is a skill that is also required from Centre Backs in top level competitive football these days. The ability to win headers, tackle strong and mark your opponent effectively require you to maintain both your composure and your confidence when playing at the back.

Whatever your age, the best players are those can easily get themselves out of a tight spot, so let’s look at what you can do to help.

Practise weaving in and out of markers on the ground, with the ball at your feet and make sure you don’t lose control or touch the cones. This is an excellent way to improve your dribbling and again, something that you can practise effectively on your own.

Speak to your coach about these drills and get his / her input as to which they think will best be of benefit to you. And then just practise, practise, practise until you get it just right.

Look out for Tip 2, coming soon.

Top Tips For Young Footballers