The Combination Of Academic Study and Football Is Very Important

Wojtech is from Poland and is currently at Abbey College Manchester boarding school studying the one year International Foundation Programme in Business and Accounting.

He is also training with us at IHM Football Academy for 3 afternoons per week.

“I really enjoy it because the combination between school and sport is perfect. Because of the football I can rest my mind from studying. I think it helps a lot.”

His approach must be working because Wojtech is doing very well academically, he has had offers from the University of Nottingham and Queen Mary University London to study Politics and International Relations.

“It’s something I want to do and I’m very interested, so I decided to take this road.”

Having been involved in sport all his life, playing football, skiing and tennis, it was very important to Wojtech to be able to continue to train and play football whilst he studied in the UK.

He comments on how that just wasn’t possible in Poland.

“In Poland you either dedicate yourself to sport or to your studies. There’s no combination of the two. I’m really lucky and I’m really happy to be here at Abbey.”

Apparently in Poland football isn’t taken as seriously as studying. People say that if you don’t do well at school, you can always play football. But, Wojtech thinks that the football is responsible for his academic success.

“If I didn’t take the football course I don’t think that I would have such good (academic) results as I have now. It helps me a lot.”

If you would like to train and play football whilst taking your pathway to university, contact us now: [email protected]