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As we enter week 4 without our players being out on the pitch due to the current world situation, the IHM footballers are still part of the team and receiving regular support and advice from the IHM Academy.

Whilst studying from home on their BTEC, English, A-levels, GCSE of high school studies, they are also in daily contact with the coaching side of the academy, receiving fitness and skills sessions to follow each week. All these short sessions are acting as a guide for the players to follow to keep them fit and sharp, ready to come back to the pitch in the best shape they can.

The IHM team have also been sourcing extra content for them to improve their game, having linked in with Mark Bowden from TOPFORM and Footballers Global. Both have offered their services for free for the IHM academy players, enabling the players to take a fantastic opportunity to showcase their ability online, and study the psychology of their own game.

Current times are tough, not being able to be with team mates, not being able to be out on the pitch and not seeing your coach, but we will be back soon, out on the pitch where all the players can thrive once more.

If you would like to join the IHM Academy and be part of the team, contact us now for a 2020/2021 season start.