Football Academy Manchester logoThe IHM Football Academy showcase has only being live for a week and we’ve already seen over 2000 hits on the site checking out the players highlights. From this we’ve already had 8 requests for connections to players to look at further opportunities, showing that the current lockdown situation hasn’t stopped our IHM players at looking towards their future.

On Wednesday 29th April the IHM virtual showcase event went live with 32 of our current players, and some future new players, sharing their highlights videos and football CV online. The IHM staff have shared this link with contacts and influential people in the game from the UK and around the world. Wednesday 29th April was the scheduled day that all the IHM players were to come together at one venue to play in front of selected scouts for our annual showcase event, however following the government and FA guidance due to the Covid 19 situation, this event couldn’t go ahead. The IHM academy had continued to work with all the players online during this time and decided why not continue with the showcase as planned, which is where the virtual showcase idea was born.

Mick Brennan, Director of football said “its been a great success, and these highlights and details are there now online for a month, and can be saved and amended for future online events, meaning that its not just a one of game that the players are seen in. Often we find players enter into the showcase event full of nerves and apprehension, meaning they can sometimes perform below par. this way the players can really show what they can do, and if they are not happy with their performance or highlights, they can amend and resubmit for future events. i think it will be an event that we will keep running, alongside our physical event, for years to come. I’m delighted with the response we’ve had and the number of views the event have received”

The event will be live on the IHM website until the end of may. all the players highlights can be seen and new highlight videos are being added each week.