Preparing for a showcase event / football trial - part 1 nutrition

Peter Hayes, Director of IH Manchester Football Academy shares important advice about preparing yourself for a Showcase event / football trial / match day. Peter explains:

“Hi there everybody, this is Pete from IH Manchester Football Academy and I just wanted to bring some tips for you for our showcases and our player assessment days because I think from our experience now we can help you to prepare to be the best that you possibly can.

Obviously there’ll be a lot of pressure you put on yourself to perform as best you can so here are a few things and I’ll try and keep it simple but just so you know we’ve got an information sheet with all of the points that I’m making on that you’ll be able to get. So here we go!

What you eat before an event is so important and I’m sure you’ve worked this out for yourself by now but you’ve got to prepare with your nutrition just as much as you have with your training and fitness because how you fuel your body for the kind of stress you’re going to put it under when you’re in a competitive match situation as well as a showcase is really important. And it’s not just about the amount of food that you are eating it’s clearly what type of food which is going to give you the best continuous energy. Because you’re going to be drawing on situations where your in an endurance situation and you need to fuel yourself in the long term but then also for short bursts of anaerobic energy when you’re sprinting, running , that kind of thing, again you need to be ready and fueled up.”

To see Peter’s video and read more about preparing yourself for a football event | see below…

Look our for part 2 coming soon!