Leo Buckle Selected To Play For Shropshire County

Following his invitation to trial with the Shropshire County squad, Leo Buckle, currently studying at Ellesmere College boarding school and attending the on campus IHM Football Academy, has been selected to play for the team. This is excellent news for Leo and IHM Head Coach, David Raven.

Leo will represent the county side in their next match against West Midlands on Monday 27 January 2020. Leo was understandably excited and thrilled when he received an email from David as he was doing his Maths prep!

“It will be an opportunity to assess my current ability against players playing at the highest level for this age.” said Leo as he prepared for his debut game.

IHM Director of Football, Mick Brennan enthused:

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Leo and is testimony to his dedication and to the exemplary mentoring delivered to all IHM student players by Head Coach, David.”

We all wish Leo the very best of luck and look forward to following his progress.

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