Julian at IHM Academy

We are delighted to announce one of our recent players at the IHM academy has signed professional forms in Italy.

Julian Jenson, from the Netherlands, spent nearly 2 years with the IHM academy in the UK. He began with the coaching team over at the Ellesmere football academy in September 2018, moving to the IHM Manchester academy in September 2019, studying at Abbey college.

During his time in Manchester Julian was passionate about his football with a massive desire to progress on in the game at some level. Whilst studying full time he dedicated the rest of his time to football, training hard and looking after himself off the pitch. Always willing to take on more information Julian was a perfect student to have in the academy, endearing himself to the coaches with his eagerness to learn.

During his time it wasn’t easy, he had to suffer rejections at showcase events, injury which kept him out of the game for a while and being away from home for nearly 2 years. But he was always focused and determined.

After leaving the programme in January 2020, Julian continued to search for further opportunities and worked with Mick Brennan, Director of football, to constantly seek out ways to progress. He returned home after a few spells on trial, to continue his training.

And that persistence, determination and rive to succeed has paid off. Julian has now just sign his first professional contract with Serie D side Sancataldese Calcio.

Julian will now play a vital part in the future of the club, a developing club in the Italian league, looking to progress through to the top leagues in the coming season and investing in young players such as Julian.

Mick Brennan, Director of football commented “it’s so great to see Julian achieving this goal he’s had for so long. I worked closely with Julian and his family in the time he was here and he only ever had one aim, that was to sign for a club, to play football and build his career. And that’s what he’s doing. He is one of the most determined young men we’ve had on the academy and one of the nicest young men too. With his desire and drive, along with his ability on the pitch, he will go far. Everyone at IHM are delighted and proud to have been a part of this journey for him. We all wish him well.”

On talking to Julian about his next steps Julian said “Without IHM I definitely would not have been able to get to this point, as I’ve learned to become an individual and became so mature during my time in Manchester which has allowed me to now be in Italy without any friends or family chasing my dreams”

Big thanks to everyone at IHM that helped me during my time there

We at IHM will be following Julian’s progress closely and you can too through our social media channels and website.

Julian’s story is just one of many where a player’s time on the academy hasn’t only helped them on the pitch, but to develop, mature and grow off the pitch. The IHM academy strives to deliver a fully immersive programme not only of football development, but giving the young players skills for live and an experience which will stay with them and help them in the future.

To join the academy in the UK and experience this for yourself, and maybe follow in Julian’s footsteps into a club, contact us now – [email protected]