IHM Unveils the New Veo 180 degree Video Filming System

We are really excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Veo remote video camera. Sitting on a 3 metre high tripod, the camera automatically follows the ball and so the action. With a full 180 degree scope of vision and multiple cameras within, this state of the art technology allows our coaches to conduct quality post-match analysis. The action can be paused when needed, a grid overlaid to allow zonal analysis and the zoom used to allow the coach to focus in on particular phases of play to give feedback and bring the team’s attention to various tactical issues. In fact, Veo have developed a highly intelligent system that can recognise the action on the pitch. With the position of players and the ball, it creates a video for you that follows the ball. It automatically zooms and pans depending on the ball position.

“This system is really going to help our players’ tactical awareness and help them to identify the positive phases of play in a match. It will also help them start to see where, as a team or an individual player, they could have done better.” said IHM Director, Peter Hayes.

With Veo the full pitch gets captured. That gives us the ability to watch play outside the conventional framing. When analysing our match now, we can take control ourselves and watch the game in any direction. To help our analysis Veo gives us different play modes:


Veo automatically detects the ball and follows the ball throughout the match recording.


This is great if the coach wants to have a full overview over the pitch. It allows him to watch everything in one frame.


Allows us to watch the recording from every possible angle, so we never miss out on anything that happens on the pitch.


This feature adds AR overlays to the pitch and helps us understand the positioning of our players.

Once set up, the camera will run throughout the match, recognising goals scored and the coach need not do anything more. However, the live camera view can be viewed by our coach using his iPhone. The Veo camera is then plugged into the school’s wifi router and the match uploads over night. It then appears in a fully edited format online and ready to be projected onto our classroom screen the morning after.

“This camera will greatly enhance the quality and the quantity of post match analysis we can conduct with our teams this season. When you consider that each player is given access to all match footage online, this is really going help our players build a great online profile.” enthuses Director of Football, Mick Brennan.

The Veo camera system is used by Burnley FC, an English Premier League football club youth academy. We have already put the system to good use during the games played to date this season.

Here’s a clip of the first goal in the IHM 1st Team recent win against FC United of Manchester: