IHM News With Academy Director Mick Brennan

IHM Director of Football, Mick Brennan is down at the Manchester training ground this afternoon as the student players return after the Christmas and New Year holidays. This is a perfect time of year for him to set out his thoughts and start to look forward to some more innovations at IHM in the new year ahead.

Head Coach Matt, assisted by Strength & Conditioning / Fitness Coach Chris, is putting the players through their paces with 4 x 8 minute interval runs. This is designed to kick start the players’ fitness in readiness for the new term ahead.

Mick Updates us on new developments!

  • The GPS player tracker vests have arrived and will soon be put to good use on the training ground. These allow our coaching staff to measure and monitor individual player performance and work rate. Key stats like; total distance covered by a player and heat maps showing areas of the pitch most frequented by a player are so useful to help inform future training and post match analysis.
  • Some new players are joining us this week from Chile and Thailand, another player from Australia is also due to join us at the weekend.
  • The April Showcase event will be a great opportunity for all our players to showcase their talent in front of invited pro club scouts and coaches. NB – the Showcase event is only open to IHM full-time enrolled student players.
  • A brand new pathway partnership with a local university that specialises in sport, will be announced later this week…
  • A partnership with a revolutionary new social media football community app will also be announced

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