IHM Invests In PLAYR GPS Performance Tracker System

We are excited to announce the arrival of our PLAYR gps performance monitoring vests! This will allow our coaches to track the performance of individual players: total distance, top speed, power plays and sprint distance. Our coaches will see the key aspects of our players’ fitness and track their progress as they improve. The players wear a GPS tracker, held in place in a lightweight tech vest, which then monitors various data fields whilst tracking the player’s exact location . All the tracking data is then uploaded and assimilated online then fed back to the Coach’s app for interpretation and analysis.

Heatmaps show where our players have spent the most time on the pitch or training field or where they’ve hit their highest speeds, giving our coaches better tactical insights. Also, players will now receive personalised sports science and nutrition advice, after a match or training session, to help them improve between games. Coach Chris Honor has instigated individual fitness testing for the squad and is already seeing considerable improvements from the players as a result.


Coach Chris is very excited about the arrival of the PLAYR system and says the following:

“The PLAYR gps system will provide the IHM coaching team with invaluable information on each individual player, such as how much ground they cover in a match and heart rate monitoring. We can then use this information to analyse the player’s performance and provide them with feedback. This will also help us to implement specialist fitness programming for each individual player. Also, it will help us to identify trends across the player positions which will be vital in helping us understand the player better, so that we can get the very best out each one.”

This innovation is just the start of Coach Chris’ ambitious plans for the new term / courses starting on Monday 13th January 2020, as he helps the coaching team implement a fully comprehensive fitness improvement, monitoring and recording system.

If you would like Coach Chris and the IHM coaching team take your game to the next level, contact us now to apply.