Wednesday 6th September saw us kick off the new season for the IHM football academy. Players from around the world arrived in Manchester to study and train with the coaching team for the coming academic year.

Day 1 with the team saw IHM head coach, Sam, meet and greet all the players at the academy induction. As part of the induction the players met their new team mates, with whom they will spend the next 9 months working both on and off the field. The student players also received their new academy kit package and had a presentation from Sam on what to expect during the coming season.

The players’ first training session on the pitch was on Friday 8th September. They all can’t wait to show the coaches and fellow team members their ability. However, on Day 1 it’s important to get an overview of the programme and start to understand some of the academy rules.

As part of the induction process the players were presented with the academy ethos, what they can expect from the coaches and staff and what the coaches would similarly expect from them.

Academically, the academy players will be studying a variety of subjects with our partner college Abbey College Manchester or English Language with IH Manchester. This season we have players from 11 different countries joining the programme. This allows the players to meet new team mates from different cultures and backgrounds.

On meeting the new season intake, IHM Football Academy Head of football, Sam Launay, said:

“This is going to be a great season. The lads seem really dedicated and keen following on from today’s induction.

We have a great mix of players from all over the world. I’m really looking forward to working with them and getting out on the pitch to see what they can do. We can really build on the achievements of last season within the league and with individual players.

We feel that we have a great programme set out for the players this year, so, if they continue to engage as well as they have on the first day, they should really make some significant progress over the course of the season.”

As the academy has now kicked off, enrolments for the January intake are being taken. However, those players choosing the English language and football route can start at any point throughout the academic year.

If you would like to know more about the academy, check out the website or to discuss joining the team in Manchester.

Meet Head of Football, Sam Launay