IHM Football Academy Secures Deal With Argentinian Football League & CLINCH Studies Abroad

Thanks to the hard work and careful coordination of our representative Marcela Benitez, Director of CLINCH Studies Abroad, IHM Football Academy is proud to announce the launch of a fabulous opportunity for young footballers aged 16 to 21 years from the city of Reconquista, Argentina. The project, named “One Window To The World”, will see groups of young players first studying English at “Interactive – Language Teaching”, in their home town, in preparation for a 4 week English language + football coaching programme to be delivered in Manchester, UK, hosted by IH Manchester and its football academy, IHM.

IH Manchester Director, Peter Hayes enthused:

“This project is the result of a lot of hard work and preparation that has seen Marcela make the long trip to visit our school and football academy here in Manchester, so that she could experience first-hand the work that we carry out. We are all so excited to be involved in such an innovative programme and look forward to watching these young players from Argentina thrive and grow as a result of their participation.”

The Municipality of Reconquista will take on the role of promoter of the project, together with the Reconquistense Football League and CLINCH – Studies Abroad. October 2020 and April 2021. Whilst candidates for the programme must fund themselves, the Municipality of Reconquista will offer study scholarships to those young people selected to take part. Also, a series of fundraising events will be scheduled, where the selected candidates must actively work with the objective of covering most of the necessary funds.

The Director of CLINCH, Studies Abroad, Marcela Benítez, thanked;

“the Mayor for opening the doors of Reconquista, to reach young people and football clubs so that they can participate in this Football Academy that receives international students and players. We are looking forward to forming groups of between ten and twelve young footballers, who will need to be highly motivated team players willing to complete fundraising activities that will help them to fund their trip.”