David Raven, Head Coach, proud of his team

David Raven, Head Coach, proud of his team

An excellent performance from the IHM Football Academy at Ellesmere College team saw them blow Haberdashers Adams 2nd XI away! Rarely was Seb troubled in goal, and the game was controlled from start to finish by IHM Ellesmere. Throughout the game, the players showed great technical ability to keep the ball moving quickly and exploited all weaknesses in the opposition’s defence. It was extremely pleasing to see the tempo remain high all the way through to the final whistle and the players always playing the game in the right spirit and manner. They showed a clear understanding of what’s been asked of them and executed it very well.  

This was the first home fixture of the season in the Shropshire League and has got the team off to an excellent start! The team will be competing for the first time in the Shropshire U19’s league second tier, with a view to winning promotion to the top flight in the first season.

Standout performers were Leo Buckle, who dominated the game and Glenn Sebuabeh, who was unplayable at right wing when he came on. However, everybody was excellent and played their part in an outstanding win. 

Team sheet:

Seb CourdyMcdonald Fergusson, Will Mullock, Max Molter, James Prescott, Mario Coppola, Shiva Parwani, Leo Buckle, Timur Aimurzayev, Koki DeWalt, Rohan Pattabi.  


Glenn Sebuabeh, Sean Zou, James Li Campbell, Ameya Shelar.