IHM Football Academy seals a new partnership with “Footballers Global”

IHM Football Academy are delighted to announce a new partnership agreement with “Footballers Global” https://www.footballersglobal.com/ .

At IHM we are constantly striving to offer the best opportunities and progress routes for all our players and students. Progression can be as a player, a coach, a scout or a career in the business side of the game. Providing players with valid career pathways is the academy’s number one priority. So, this week we are delighted to be able to offer all our players a premium listing on the “Footballers Global” online platform. This will allow IHM football academy players to make contacts in the football industry giving them access to scouts and clubs. This will give IHM players a distinct advantage.

“Footballers Global” is an online football community dedicated to giving players a platform to seek out opportunities in the game. The site is a player scouting platform, but does so much more. It introduces players to clubs, to other like-minded players and gives players tips and hints on how to improve their game.

As the “Footballers Global” website explains;

“Share all your video links via YouTube etc, grow your fan club and get your posts liked and shared for more exposure to scouts, as we aim to help unearth some of the best unseen football talent.”

IHM Director of football Mick Brennan said;

“This is a great partnership and development for our players. It’s another route into the football world in the UK. After long discussions with Rob from “Footballers Global” it became clear that they have the same ethos as us at IHM with regards to giving our young players every opportunity to succeed at all level. It’s fantastic for our players to be able to have access to this facility and will give us another route into the game for all those involved.”

Moving forward, this partnership between IHM Football Academy and “Footballers Global” will help to attract more scouts to the IHM in-house Showcase Events held twice a year. It will also help further promote IHM Football Academy and extend the “Footballers Global” network worldwide through the IHM international community.