As the season really kicks in at the IHM at Ellesmere football academy, the players are increasing their fitness training in the gym with fitness instructor Darren, not only to benefit them on the pitch but also to prevent injury.

As a footballer, time on the pitch is what every player wants, and to be on the side lines ,with an injury, can be very frustrating. At the IHM at Ellesmere football academy the players look to minimise this risk with regular strength and conditioning sessions in the fully equipped gym on site.

Each week the players will be involved in a session with Darren, the school fitness instructor, who works with all the school academy sports teams. Darren doesn’t only help the young athletes to improve their aerobic fitness for the game, but also works on flexibility and football movements to increase their turn of pace on the pitch and help prevent injury during training and games.

The gym and these sessions are a vital addition to the programme, and the support that Darren gives to the players is invaluable. In the short term, Darren is able to give them drills and techniques to work on each week, looking at increasing core strength and stability, flexibility and plyometric work.

Lead coach Brandon said:

“These are a great asset to the academy and invaluable to the players. I can see when they are back out on the pitch in training and games the impact they are having already. So, to be able to have these right through the season will make a huge difference. It’s a great facility the school have here and something that the keener players are starting to take advantage of.”

The players at IHM Football Academy get to use the gym in their free time, along with the timetabled sessions, depending on their year group.

If you’d like to be part of the IHM at Ellesmere football academy team and have the benefit of the gym sessions, contact us now for more information.