The Manchester players welcomed former IHM Football Academy director, Mick Brennan, to the school to introduce a series of sessions aimed at helping the young players build their football portfolios. A player cv or football portfolio is essential for anyone hoping to make it into the professional or semi-professional game.

As part of the IHM Football Academy offer, the coaching staff and management team have always strived to help players achieve their full football potential and worked with them to maximise their opportunities. This season the academy has gone one step further and planned some classroom-based sessions over the course of the programme, to give the players all the tools they need to help them progress towards their goal.

Working on such things as; CV development, highlights building, using social media and how to approach clubs and contacts, the series of sessions will task the players with the responsibility to seek out their own opportunities. All the time with the support of the IHM coaching team.

Mick Brennan will be leading these sessions at regular intervals throughout the academic year, bringing to the programme his 14 years’ experience at EFL side Blackburn Rovers as both a coach and a scout, along with the 15 years’ experience of developing and working with international players here at IHM.

On returning to Manchester Mick said:

“It’s great to be back in Manchester with the lads and be around aspiring young players once again. During the session, they were really engaged and we had some insightful conversations as a group about how to look forward towards these sessions.

The aim of the session is to include the group in the route they wish to take in their learning and building their portfolios. Each player is different, with different abilities and aims, so no one template of plan will fit all.

It’s an exciting series of sessions to have with the players and I’m really looking forward to it. There is a lot of responsibility placed upon the players to do the work in building these portfolios and seeking out the opportunities, so we will soon see who is really keen to increase their chances of success.

It’s not easy getting on in this game, but there are a few things these players can do to help themselves, and that’s what we are going to look at in the coming months”

Mick will be back with the lads via a live online session, bringing the Manchester and Ellesmere sites together where they can compare and contrast their ideas and help each other.

Keep an eye out on social media for much more from our players as they develop their portfolios and online presence.

If you would like to know more about these sessions on improving chances of progression to professional or semi-professional football, or would like to join the players at the IHM Football Academy from January 2024, contact us now.