Archie Floate Player ProfileOne of our youngest players from our Ellesmere programme is still working hard on his skills despite the current situation.

Archie is one of our most enthusiastic and hard working players on the academy, always giving 100% in everything he does, working and competing with players who are older than him and progressing weekly. During these past two weeks with no football the IHM team have been circulating support videos for fitness and simple skills, asking the players to also look at what they can do to keep themselves sharp and active. Archie, ever the committed one, sent us through some of the simple sessions he’s been doing at home to keep up with his football, along with confirming he’s been working out, keeping fit and keeping sharp.

Well done to Archie, and all of the players we have spoken to in the past week who have shared their fitness and football updates with us. its great to see the dedication.

If you want to join this dedicated team of players in Ellesmere or Manchester next season, contact us now to arrange a Skype interview and we can look to get you enrolled soon.

Stay Safe everyone