With us entering into week 5 since we’ve all be together on the training pitch, the players from IHM are keeping active with their regular routines. Throughout the week IHM Director Mick Brennan has been sending emails with links and sample sessions for the players to follow, with fitness elements, skills sessions and some fantastic psychology talks. Partners of IHM have come together to offer advice and tips, with Footballers Global providing free premium access to their platform, giving the players a new route to the scouts.

One of the IHM academy players, Andrew, has been particularly busy with his training, working so hard to keep on top of his game ready for the return to the pitch. Over the past week Andrew has been compiling his highlights video ready for the IHM virtual showcase event on Wednesday 29th April, so along with that he put together his training highlights whilst in lockdown, to show his commitment and share ideas with his teammates.

IHM Director Mick Brennan commented “its great to see these type of highlights coming in from the lads, last week Archie sent in what he’d been doing to share and Andrews obviously been working hard here. Andrew, and many of the players, have been in regular contact and have really taken to the suggestions and sessions we’ve sent through. Whilst its no substitute for being out on the pitch, its still key to keep active, keep sharp and stay involved with the team so we are ready to go as soon as we are able. Well done to Andrew, this just shows his fantastic attitude towards the programme as a whole”

With the virtual showcase event being just a few days away all the IHM players are looking towards this as a great chance to showcase their ability to those influential people in the game. Mick Brennan said “This is something new to us, as is the situation currently to everyone. We had planned to have all the players in one place for the day at the showcase and invite the scouts along. We have a great core of regular scouts who attend, so even though this isn’t the same as being out on the pitch, at least we can give the players that similar chance to be seen. Who knows, if the scouts and club representatives are at home like many of use on their PC, they might just spot some talent they want to explore further”

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Check out Andrews training in lockdown!