Another fantastic performance from the Manchester team and another 3 points in the league.

For the second game of the league season the team travelled to Oldham College, following a great 12-1 opening game victory. Head coach Matt had prepared the team for a tougher game this coming week, hoping the players would not become complacent after the big score line in the first fixture. Confidence was high and this showed with another great win with a handful of goals.

With a delightful display of football, the IHM academy side ran out 8-1 winners. Once again the players managed to show that everything they have been working on in training is paying off.

Head coach Matt said “They’ve applied well all the knowledge given to them during training. It’s great to see. I’m happy with the performance, as the boys looked sharp and confident, however the work continues as we still have a long way to go.”

Man of the match was once again awarded to Andrew Waswa who bagged 4 goals, with Gerald, Aria and Michael adding to the score sheet, and the home side conceding an own goal.

Well done to all the players, keep up the great work. If you would like to find out more about joining the IHM Football Academy get in touch with us.