IH Manchester Football student in classThe results are in for the IHM BTEC students and once again its been a huge success with a 100% pass rate for the group.

Over the past 6 months, in very challenging times, some of our IHM academy players have been working through their BTEC in sport qualification and we are delighted to announce that it has been confirmed they have all passed their qualifications.

Back in January the BTEC students started or continued their journey on the academic route. For some it was the first steps into the qualification on the Sub diploma, for others it was the second stage onto the full diploma. However after only a two and a half month of studies in our city centre school the Covid 19 disruption hit. All our BTEC had to swap to online studies for what turned out to be the rest of their programme, and how well they adapted to achieve what they have done.

Over their course the BTEC students have studied a wide range of topics such as nutrition, psychology of sport, physiology of sport, principles of fitness and much much more, all related to their passion in football.

On Friday 1st August it was confirmed that once again the IHM students have all passed their BTEC, giving us a 100% pass rate at IHM Football Academy.

Mick Brennan, Director of Football, commented on the results saying “this is a great achievement for the group. Yes we’ve had fantastic results each year on the programme, a record that we are proud of as an academy, however this year for all our players and students it was especially challenging due to the situation around the virus. After only a few short months on the programme they all had to adjust how they learn, we had to adjust how we taught and that team cohesion was affected by not being able to be out on the pitch, however they came through and worked hard to achieve great results. I had the pleasure of working with the BTEC group for the last few months online and against all the challenges they have done fantastic. We wish the group all the best for their futures”

The academic underpinning of the football at IHM is a vital part of the programme, football is a very difficult industry to break into as a player at a high level, therefore IHM encourage all our players to follow an academic route along with their football to have back up plan for the future. These academic routes can come in many forms from our EFL programmes to our brand new international foundation year. Starting this coming season those wishing to do just football will still have to follow our football plus programme, giving them classroom based sessions looking at future career routes, goal setting and the business of football.

Following on from our fantastic results we have players who have successfully secured places at both the University of Lancashire and Chichester University.

IHM is a private football academy in the UK, if you would like more information about our programmes please contact us at [email protected]

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